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Amazing Silver Balm - First Response Nano Particle Silver Salve ™

This unique soothing salve can be used to promote skin health and assist in healing for minor burns, acne, bed sores, sun burn, scabies, parasites, and many other ailments. To be used as a topical application only.

Medicinal Silver - Throughout history silver has been used as a preservative and to fight infections. Silver was used as a medicine starting in the late 1800s. Its primary application was as a topical antiseptic. Use of silver, in the form of silver nitrate solution, is still required by law in most states to be used on newborns as a topical eye drop to prevent eye infections. Wound healing is a particular problem in diabetics, where poor blood supply that inhibits healing can require loss of limbs. Silver stabilizes the cell membrane. Take advantage of nano particle silver's antimicrobial properties. Get Your Amazing Silver Balm today!!!

Our ingredients give "Amazing Silver Balm" the therapeutic properties, which actively promote healing of open wounds and a multiple variety skin conditions such as minor abrasions, burns, and irritations.

Silver Balm "First Response" Antimicrobial therapy plus nutrients that assist in repairing the skin cell. The quicker a wound heals the less scaring will occur. Try our skin nutritional product today.

We are currently out of town on family emergency please forgive our absence as we can not accept orders for the next two weeks. When we get back we will reactivate our buy buttons from PayPal. Thank you for your patience. Charles  

Amazing Silver Balm   (2 oz)

Ancient skin remedies... We researched a holistic medicinal salve that would have all natural skin healing elements into one super salve. Our salve contains ingredients that have successfully treated over 100 types of skin conditions with just the right balance of minerals, essential oils, anti-inflammatory herbs and 99.999% pure nano particle silver. Its perfect for super sensitive skin. Additionally, its at a low particle low concentration and it will not destroy the top epidermal layer. It does not change the pigment of the skin. This is an amazing holistic salve!


*Amazing Silver Balm is for topical use only. Not Ophthalmic or for ingestion. This product does not promote the usage as a substitute for any prescribed medications by a physician. This salve is a healthy way to nourish the skin and promote minimal scaring from wounds with nutrient and anti-microbial properties. Silver is an antiseptic not an antibiotic.

Note: If you have received a serious injury, such as a 2nd to 3rd degree burn, please consult with a physician immediately.  There are immediate medical procedures a physician can do to stop pain and skin damage from further infection or scaring. Under No circumstances does Holistic minerals promote any of its products as an alternative to professional health care. Please see a licensed physician for any serious health conditions.

Our  Silver Salve product contains  just the right concentration of silver that can attack bacteria without harming cells needed for healing!!!

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Our Product Guarantee:  We offer a 100% Money-Back Product Guarantee if you are not fully convinced in the effectiveness of this product. If a customer is not satisfied with it for any reason, we'll refund the total cost when returned within 30 Days from the purchase date. Simply return the un - used portion of our product and we will credit your account for the full purchase amount plus shipping. Shipping & Handling is a flat rate within the 48 Continental States. There is no sales tax in Oregon! Please contact us for International Shipping quote and invoice Via PayPal.